Advisors Who Care

When you choose us as your advisors, you can be sure that we are looking out for your welfare. Here at the New York Financial office of Mid-Atlantic Securities, Inc. all our advisors are Certified Financial Planner® professionals, so we have agreed to abide by the CFP Board of Standards Code of Ethics and Standards of Fair Practice, requiring us to put the interests of clients before our own.

We have completed two years or more of advanced study in risk management, investments, taxes, retirement planning and estate planning, then taken a rigorous two-day examination to become certified. To make sure that the strategies we suggest are right for you, we identify YOUR goals and your risk comfort zone. We then help you make good financial decisions, whether about investments, your mortgage, your closely-held business or any other financial matter.

We work with your other advisors such as your attorney or accountant so you have a comprehensive, integrated financial strategy. And, for control over how your advisor is compensated, we offer the choice of a commission based brokerage account or an advisory fee through Mid-Atlantic Securities, Inc.

Big Firm Safety

You do not sacrifice access to special products and services at Mid-Atlantic Securities, Inc. We offer an array of products and services to meet every need through Mid-Atlantic’s relationship with Raymond James & Associates, a large clearing firm.

In addition, your account is also in custody at Raymond James, which gives protection not usually available at investment advisory firms that use their own brokerage firm. Your account is insured by the SIPC, a government agency, for $500,000, including up to $100,000 of cash. There is an additional $1.9 million insurance per account on cash holdings through Lloyds of London.

Finally, there is additional insurance that covers securities in excess of what the SIPC covers up to a firm aggregate of $750 million.

Small Firm Personal Service

You get all the advantages and safety of the large firms, but with the personal commitment to your well-being that only a local firm can provide.

You know us because we live and work in your community. Our advisors focus on you and use the financial planning process as the basis of good advice. You can rely on them to put your interests first.